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Wearing Water Based Peel Off Nail Polish on Toenails

The first time I reviewed Suncoat peel-off nail polish in Mulberry I only tried it on my fingernails. Out of curiosity, I was wondering how well it would work to wear water based peel off nail polish on toenails. Normally, I like my toenail polish to last for an entire month. However, sometimes it would be nice to wear temporary toenail polish. I am planning to paint my toenails a different color in a couple days, so it is the perfect time to try out Suncoat Polish & Peel on my toenails.

Toenails are generally drier than fingernails. Because of that it is best to only leave peel-off nail polish on toenails for one or two days maximum. Otherwise, the polish may stick too strongly and peel off your nail plate when removed.

I painted my toenails with three coats of mulberry peel off nail polish on Tuesday evening. With three coats and no top coat it is a nice satin purple. My husband commented what a nice color it was. He was also surprised when I told him it was a peel-off polish, since it was so smooth and even.


The Suncoat water based peel off nail polish lasted well on my toenails for the 2 full days that I wore it. It only tore off of one nail a little bit.

Peeling-Off the Polish

I peeled the polish off right after a warm shower. I started by using a cuticle stick to loosen the polish. Bits of my nail plate peeled off along with the polish and my toenails were left dry and rough.


Peel off nail polish is not such a great idea for toenails, unless you want something just to wear for one day or less. Even leaving it on for two days damaged my nails too much. I think I will stick to using non-peel off formulas that I can leave on my toenails for a long time.

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