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Water-Based Nail Polish Stocking Stuffers

Spread beauty and joy this holiday season with water-based nail polish stocking stuffers! What is better than waking up early Christmas morning and discovering stockings filled with goodies? Shiny and sparkly nail polish surprises are sure to bring smiles! You can share the beauty of water-based nail polish, while resting easy knowing that it is a safe option, even for kids.

Here are some winter colors of water-based nail polish that would make wonderful stocking stuffers:

  • Cherry Pie (sparkly Christmas red)
  • Blue Frosting (shimmery snowflake pale blue)
  • Sugar Plum (Sugar Plum Ferry purple!)
  • Hot Cocoa (light brown)
  • Spicy Gift Pack- Unless you have a large stocking to stuff, this might go better under the Christmas tree! This gift comes with an entire Keeki water-based nail polish set and lip shimmer! The Spicy Gift Pack contains: Cherry Pie Nail Polish, Base Coat, Top Coat, Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover and Sophisticated Shimmer Stick for lips.
  • And while you’re shopping for stocking stuffers from Keeki Pure & Simple, you could throw in some items other than nail polish, like a Minty Vanilla Cooler Organic Lip Balm.
  • Glittering Top Coat (adds sparkle to any mani)
  • Red Rover, Red Rover (sparkling red)
  • Eeni Meeni Miney Moe (sparkling emerald green)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (sparkling silver)

Stocking Stuffers from Piggy Paint

  • Puttin’ on the Glitz (emerald green glitter)
  • Glass Slippers (clear sparkle)
  • Tip of the Iceberg (white)
  • Angel Kisses Nail Pen (soft, light pink nail polish)
  • 3D Nail Art Stickers

And for the big-kids on your list:

Stocking Suffers from Acquarella

  • Valour (deep, red creme with a beautiful shimmer)
  • Hot Chocolate (rich, opaque brown with a sultry copper metallic)
  • Incognito (deep, navy blue creme)
  • Wicked (vivid, green metallic)
  • Sparkling Cider (translucent copper shimmer)
  • Charmer (shimmering platinum)
  • Roasted Mellow (lambs wool creme)
  • Klondike Kooler (shimmering champagne)
  • Seaboard (deep-sea blue creme)
  • Smugglers Gold (shimmering gold)
  • Kilt Lifter (classic red creme)
  • Widow Woods’ Nightcap (extreme shimmering aubergine)

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