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Spooky halloween nail art tutorial

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkins are appearing in supermarkets, two dollar shops are going crazy with ghostly themed window displays and we are all starting to wonder why the hell we even celebrate Halloween in Australia? I’m pretty sure it’s just for one reason — cos it is so goddamn fun!

Give me an excuse to dress up and get creative with some face paint, or even be able to pop on a wig, and I’m there. As an adult, there are so few reasons to get a costume together, so when the time comes, I embrace it wholeheartedly! But Halloween and dress ups aren’t for everyone. Some of you are truly appalled at having to get some kind of scary outfit together for your partner’s friend’s girlfriend’s Halloween housewarming party. And I get it! It can be a whole lot of effort, time and money — which frankly, not a lot of us have.

So today I bring you this beauty how-to, which will give you the perfect touch of Halloween spookiness without putting on a fake nose or a splattering of fake blood. This nail art tutorial is a teeny bit fiddly, but believe me, the results are totally worth it! Once I was done I couldn’t help admiring my efforts (and kinda loved these little eyeballs staring at me from the tips of my fingers!)

If you have a spare half hour or so, give it a whirl, even if you haven’t tried DIY nail art before. Invest in a manicure pen and you’ll be getting creative in no time!

What you’ll need:

  • Nail polish in four colours — red, white, black and blue (as the eye colour, blue can be substituted for any other shades — if you want to go really creepy I suggest red!)
  • A nail art pen with a fine end


  1. Start off by painting your base coat using the white shade of nail lacquer. Do this in advance so that it has a chance to fully dry before you get to the nitty gritty of the nail art.
  2. Using the blue polish (or whichever colour you have decided for the eye) paint a circle in the middle of your nail. Note: this shape needs to be big enough to fit a smaller dot inside.
  3. With the black colour, drop a tiny dot of polish in the middle of the larger circle. Both of these shapes should be fine to do with your regular nail polish brush, but of course this is dependent on its size.
  4. This is when you will need to use your nail art pen! Dab the end of the pen onto the brush of the white polish — this will ensure that you don’t use too much liquid. Then gently dab a tiny dot right where the blue and black circle meet.
  5. Still using the nail art pen, draw on some tiny squiggles. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but I went with the less is more attitude! I also tried to use as little colour as possible so the polish didn’t run.
  6. There you have it! Super scary halloween eye ball nails! This one takes a bit of patience but I was super impressed with myself for the end result.

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