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How to remove glitter nail polish in seconds: Beauty hack

Ah, glitter nail polish. We love you for your beautiful shimmers but hate how you cling to our nails with a ferocity only seen in alley cats. Seriously, is there anything worse than the feeling of your cotton ball getting stuck to little grains of glitter that don’t want to budge? I think not! Plus, if you’re like me and feel like people scratching off their nail polish is akin to nails on a chalkboard then you’re going to absolutely adore this nifty little trick!

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This is less of a trick for how to actually remove it as it is a difference in preparation that will make the removal a cinch. While I probably wouldn’t recommend this trick for every coat of polish you apply to your tips, it certainly makes a massive difference when it comes to the sparkly stuff — plus it makes my nails feel heaps stronger before I’ve applied the coat of nail polish!


  • Elmer’s PVA glue — the stuff that dries clear and peels off
  • A paint brush
  • Your favourite glitter polish


  1. Dip your paint brush in your glue and paint a couple of coats onto your nails. They will look white.
  2. Clean up any mistakes right away because otherwise it will peel off everything!
  3. Allow your nails to dry until the glue is clear.
  4. Apply your glitter polish.
  5. When you’re ready to remove it simply peel off the glue!

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