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How to get the perfect manicure using a rubber band

I am all about having my nails done! There is rarely, and I mean seriously rarely, a time that you will find me without freshly lacquered paws. Although I am a huge fan of the classic nude, siren red and creamy pastel colours featuring on the ends of my fingers, I can also be partial to a bit of nail art here and then. And sometimes you just can’t pick one colour, right?

But branching out from just one shade doesn’t always have to be wacky! I don’t love the classic French manicure, but I have always liked the look of the two-tone effect that people go for. It adds something different to a classic one shade wonder. But how can you get such straight and even sections all by yourself, I hear you wondering? Well, I am here to save the day and inform you that it is so damn easy. Like seriously easy! To the point that when I tried this, I said to the girls in the office “Wow! This is actually so easy!”. I am still surprised on a weekly basis at how good our beauty hacks are!

All you need is a couple of your fave nail polish shades and a rubber band. Go as neutral or as contrasting as you like! I decided to be inspired by Tequila Sunrises and go for similar colours, and I absolutely adored the end result!

What you’ll need:

  • Nail polish in two different colours
  • Top coat
  • A thick rubber band


  1. Start off by painting a few layers of your base colour onto your nails. Make sure they are completely dry before you start the next step!
  2. Secure the rubber band around the end of your finger, leaving a small strip of your nail.
  3. Using the second nail polish colour, paint the tip of your nail. Be very careful when removing the rubber band to avoid any smudges!
  4. Apply a top coat so that the tip of the nail polish won’t chip! And you’re done!

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