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Go Natural Nail Polish Review | Water Based Nail Polish

Go Natural water based nail polish comes in regular 15ml bottles. There is nothing special about the packaging. I purchased the Primecoat and Hi-Gloss Topcoat Combination. The topcoat contains 15ml, but the primecoat is tiny! It came in a tall narrow bottle, which was smaller than I expected.


I painted my nails on Wednesday evening, after showering and right before bed. I like to give any water-based nail polish time to cure overnight. I started with applying the primecoat to the tips and edges of my nails. At first I thought it was strange that the instructions said to only apply the primecoat to the tips and edges of your nails, but then I realized that it probably makes the nail polish easier to remove later. I used two coats of Go Natural water based nail polish in Port. I topped it off with one layer of Hi-Gloss Top Coat. I allowed each layer to dry for 30 seconds before applying the next layer. I did not have a hair dryer to use to dry the polish, as recommended in the instructions.


I did not notice any smell with the primecoat, perhaps because I was applying such a small amount. The colored nail polish had the same slight smell that is typical of water-based nail polishes. The topcoat had the strongest smell of all, and stung my eyes slightly.


The primecoat did not come with a brush, but more of a swab, like is used to apply lip gloss. The colored polish and topcoat both had medium/small sized brushes.


The primecoat was very thin and practically disappeared when dry. It left my nails looking duller. If you are accustomed to solvent-based nail polishes, do not expect the same type of coverage from a water-based base coat. It works more as a glue to adhere the polish than as a base to fill in ridges.

The Port nail polish went on pretty opaque. Two coats was plenty for complete coverage. The colored polish dried with an extremely matte finish.

The topcoat had a very thin consistency. I applied too much to some nails, leaving it looking uneven. I suggest using as thin a layer as possible, to get even coverage.


Go Natural Water Based Nail Polish Swatch Port (Reddish Brown)

Go Natural Water Based Nail Polish Swatch Port (Reddish Brown)

Port is a very deep reddish brown. It appears more brown in brighter lighting and the red tint shows up more in dim lighting. Port has a creme finish, with no shimmers or sparkles. Without topcoat it has a very dull finish. Luckily, the Hi-Gloss topcoat adds a nice glossy shine. Port is a darker color than I would normally wear on my fingernails. In the future I will probably save it for my toenails.


Day 1 (Thursday morning):

The Go Natural nail polish had cured overnight and was looking nice and glossy on day 1. (The white area on the tip of my right index fingernail is just a reflection of light, not a chip.)

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 1

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 1

Day 2 (Friday morning):

By day 2 there were only a couple tiny chips. My nails were still looking good.

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 2

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 2

Day 3 (Saturday morning):

By day 3 some tiny chips had developed on the tips of my thumb nails. Overall, my nails were still looking nice.

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 3

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 3

Day 4 (Sunday morning):

By day 4 my right thumb nail had developed a chip on the surface of the nail. There were also some major chips on the tips of my ring fingernails.

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 4

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 4

Day 5 (Monday morning):

By day 5 many of my nails were badly chipped.

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 5

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 5

Day 6 (Tuesday morning):

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 6

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 6

Day 7 (Wednesday morning):

By day 7 my nails were looking pretty bad. The nail polish on my right hand was chipped much worse than on my left hand.

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 7

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 7

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 7 Thumbnails

Go Natural Nail Polish Day 7 Thumbnails

Removal with Go Natural Nail Polish Remover

Go Natural offers two types of remover: VOC Compliant Nail Polish Remover and Very Low Odor Nail Polish Remover. I ordered the VOC complaint remover, which is specially formulated to meet California standards.

As soon as I opened my nail mail from Go Naturals I got a whiff of unpleasant nail polish remover. Even though the remover I purchased has no VOC’s, it is still unpleasant to breath.

By the seventh day, I was happy to remove the Go Natural nail polish. Chips of polish had been flaking off and landing all over the house for the past couple days.

I removed the polish right after a shower. It took 15 minutes to remove the polish. First I swabbed remover across all of my nails and then repeated with a second coat of remover. For the first thumbnail I followed the instructions and held a cotton round soaked in remover against my nail for two minutes. Then I wiped off the polish. For the other nails I held the cotton round against my nail for 30 seconds before rubbing off the nail polish. I scraped off any remaining bits of nail polish with another nail.

I cannot stand the feel of this type of remover on my skin. It creates a gritty and drying sensation. The zero VOC remover from Go Natural is similar to the remover from Honeybee Gardens. As soon as I finished removing the polish from one hand I washed my hands, before starting on the next hand. Although it claims to be “low odor nail polish remover” it has a chemical smell and should only be used in a well-ventilated area. I would not recommend this remover for pregnant women.

Despite the unpleasant smell and feel of the Go Natural Nail Polish Remover, it did its job quickly. I washed my hands twice and applied lotion after removing all the polish.

Overall Opinion of Go Natural Nail Polish

I was not impressed by the length of wear of the Go Natural water based nail polish. My manicure only looked nice for the first three days. I did like how the topcoat gave the polish a high-gloss finish. I am not a fan of the Go Natural VOC Compliant Nail Polish Remover. It contains methyl acetate and is drying like mainstream non-acetone removers.

The main benefit of Go Natural nail polish is the price ($6.25 per 15 ml bottle), which is much cheaper than most water-based nail polishes. If you are more concerned about price than how long the polish will last on your nails, I recommend trying Go Natural.

Go Natural Nail Polish Ingredients

Prime Coat: 1-methoxy-2-propanol, CAS#107-98-2, WARNING: Flammable, avoid open flames

Nail Polish: Ingredients listed on the bottle: water, emulsion binder and non-toxic pigments. Ingredients listed on the website: water, acrylates copolymer, butyl carbitol, Neolone 950; may contain: D&C Red, Ca Lake, Ultramarine Blue, Pur Oxy Yellow, BC, Pur Oxy Black, Titanium Dioxide, Mica.

Topcoat: water, emulsion binder and non-toxic pigments

Nail Polish Remover: methyl acetate, butyl diglycol, Aloe Vera extract, embittering agent, D&C yellow #11. Warning: Flammable when heated. Do not use or store near heat or an ignition source. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

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