If you haven’t noticed, we are going nuts about Christmas here at DDG! I am pretty much seeing in red and green, and I’m certain Santa has me on speed dial due to all the gift guides that I have been putting together for you.

I know that just like me, a lot of you love having fun with nail art. Having freshly primped nails makes you feel super special, and it can be just the trick to finish off your outfit with the perfect flair. There are loads of different festive nail art ideas out there, but if you’re anything like me, time is really of the essence at this time of year!

If I’m going to do a DIY manicure then it needs to be as quick and easy as possible. So I thought best to avoid the time consuming commitment of painting Christmas puddings and snowmen on the tips of my fingers, and to instead go for a bit more subdued option.

This nail art idea won’t take up a whole day (who has one of those to waste anyway!) but still provides Christmas cheer to put a smile on your dial. I got plenty of compliments from my girlfriends about how much they loved this one! My only tip for next time? As a glitter addict — I’ll definitely add a bit more.

What you’ll need:

  • Festive nail polish — I used red, green, white and gold glitter
  • A nail art pen


  1. Paint your nails with the white nail polish as a base and dry.
  2. Using the nail art pen, carefully draw tiny little red and green spots on your nails. I decided to go for the look where they are more concentrated in number at the tip of the nail, kind of like stars! Let this dry.
  3. With the glitter nail polish, dab on some of the glitter on your nails to give it a sparkly Christmas effect!