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5 Nail Care Tips for Traveling

It can be difficult to keep up your regular beauty routine while on the road. With these nail care tips for traveling you can at least keep your nails pretty and painted. These bits of advice come from my own experience traveling and doing my best to keep my nails looking polished. If you travel during the upcoming holiday season, or any time of year, keep these nail care tips in mind.

  1. Keep nails trimmed short. This reduces the chance of breaking a nail and makes it easier to keep your nails clean. Cut and/or file nails once a week to avoid tears or breaks. If flying, remember to place your nail file in your checked luggage, or it may be confiscated.
  2. Before leaving on a trip, paint toenails with a long-lasting water based nail polish. Some brands of water based nail polish, such as Acquarella, can last on toenails for a month without chipping. If your journey is less than a month, you may not have to bother with changing your toenail polish.
  3. Bring along water based peel-off nail polish for painting your fingernails. I recommend Suncoat Polish & Peel water based nail polish. It comes in eight colors, including neutral nudes and bold jewel colors. Peel-off nail polish can easily be removed after one or two days of wear. Simply soak nails in warm water for five minutes and then peel off the polish! If flying, be sure to pack gels and liquids, such as nail polish, in your checked luggage or in a quart-sized zip lock bag in your carry-on luggage.
  4. If you will be traveling for an extended time, or plan to change your non-peel-off polish, bring along travel nail polish remover. One option is Suncoat Natural Nail Polish Remover Gel, which works with both water based and regular nail polish.
  5. Moisturize hands and cuticles at least daily. Before bed is a good time to apply hand moisturizer, to allow it to soak in over night. If you skip the moisturizer you may pay with dry and peeling cuticles and hang nails. Breaks in your skin, such as hang nails, can leave you susceptible to infections, which would put a damper on your travels.

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